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We are Atlas Hawkins, one of Atlanta, Georgia’s premier photography studios. We specialize in boutique marketing, e-commerce, and product photography. Our cutting-edge 1,500 square-foot studio offers everything we need to allow us to meet your photography, social media, and design needs.

In addition to our spacious studio we have spent years cultivating great customer and industry relationships. These relationships have allowed us to create a wide-range network that gives us the ability to fine tune your project needs. We can customize each detail. With our central East Coast location, we’re also able to offer the finest in lifestyle photography. The Atlanta area offers exceptional on-location options. Thanks to the expanded opportunities offered by the area’s growing film production industry and it’s rapidly increasing cost efficiency.

High Performance Creativity

Professional Results

We think outside of the box to find the best locations, product lighting and refreshing approaches for your project.

Innovative and Original

Are you ready for something different? We create one-of-a-kind art for your business using state of the art equipment.

Capturing Your Brand

We strive to bring the best innovations to your brand and embed your company in the minds and hearts of your audience.

At Atlas Hawkins you can expect to find exactly what you need; true, cutting-edge, original creative thinking that never fails to keep your needs in mind. You’ll find our styling to be superior and our images to be life-like to the point you might think you can reach into them and touch their subjects, lighting that reaches artistic levels, and a final product that exceeds your needs and expectations. And all through the process you can rest assured things will go smoothly and efficiently, with open communication, and a creative, collaborative team working to make your vision become a reality, that welcomes you to trust us with your needs again in the future.

At Atlas Hawkins our mission, first and foremost, is to present your products and services in a manner that takes your customers into a personal experience that goes beyond mere pictures and words in print and on screens. Whatever aspect of your product’s display your focus is on, be it color reproduction, intricate styling, light that brings textures to life, quick completion, or any other of the myriad concerns you may have, we look forward to impressing you with the results we achieve. Whatever challenges your needs present, we have the experience, knowledge, and talents to meet them, and exceed your expectations. That applies to post-production work as well. If you need clipping, retouching, or any other adjustment or update, you can rest assured we’ll be there for you, and be just as committed to producing excellence.

At Atlas Hawkins we strive to be the partner you turn to, a partner you rely on to offer the creative ingenuity that gives you a leg up on the competition now and in the future. Allow us to help you achieve your goals.



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Atlas Hawkins is just a pleasure to work with. Always getting the job done. They have exceptional depth of marketing and business experience. The bring a wealth of knowledge of Social Media Marketing, PPC, local marketing, branding, business development and more. I would highly recommend Atlas Hawkins for any individual or organization looking to increase their online presence and branding.
Lena O.