Out with the Old
Traditional agencies are often using the same formula when there are new ways to meet a clients needs better and more efficiently. In these agencies clients are locked into contracts that don’t benefit them, and all they are told to do is give more money without any outcome.

The New and Improved
Our marketing process is a streamlined approach to help you complete your project objectives. It allows for flexibility of incorporating new channels at any time during the process. The following information will outline how a project grows from the start and the efforts given to improve.

The perfect message.
To the perfect audience.
At the perfect time.

Build an Audience
Having a large audience that isn’t targeted is a waste of time, energy and money. We focus on bringing the right people to your website that will generate the greatest outcome. We incorporate a wealth of knowledge and experience to prioritize the tasks at hand and execute them with skilled precision.

Meeting Needs
Once you have the right customer to your site the focus turns to increasing conversions. We are able to determine the best way to interact with your customers by drawing on historical data. We then add, remove or reorganize products, content and your messaging to increase conversions.

A Great Experience
Improving the user experience is key to making your site easy to use and more intuitive. We figure out what’s working and what isn’t then we improve until your site is hitting on all cylinders.

The ultimate goal is to convert visitors into customers. We focus on any problems that might be stopping visitors from becoming customers. Once we find these problems we systematically diagnose and fix them.

I have worked with Atlas Hawkins for the past 7 years and they are not only a pleasure to work with on a personal level, but on a professional level as well. They have strong experience relating to online marketing, print design and photography. Their dedication and hard work was instrumental in helping increase sales and exposure for both of the companies I have worked with them at. Their online marketing knowledge combined with their deep knowledge of how the marketing strategy uses all the elements to succeed is unsurpassed. I would certainly recommend them on all levels.
Kimberly Y.